Top 5 Best Horror Movies On Netflix India, After watching you will be Shocked

Best Horror Movies On Netflix India: In this article, I will help you guys to find the Best Horror Movies On Netflix India. You will be seen there are many horror movies on Netflix. But It’s difficult to choose the best. So for this, I am here to help you to find the best horror movies in Netflix.

Best Horror Movies On Netflix India

Best Horror Movies On Netflix India

1.The Silence

Directed By – John R. Leonetti
Produce By – Robert Kulzer, Scott Lambert, Alexandra Milchan
Based On – The Silence By Tim Lebbon
Cast – Kiernan Shipka, Stanley Tucci, Miranda Otto, John Corbett
Release date – April 10, 2019
Country – Germany, United States
Language – English
Ratings – 5.3/10 IMDb

The story begins with a world where you cannot make any kind of sound. If you now make a voice, then a terrifying creature will kill you.

When the news was spread, the US government announced that a state in danger and told their people to stay quiet and stay at home.

There is a family in this movie a teenage girl, who lost her hearing in an accident. And She has a brother who names Jude. She lives with her parents and her grandmother. Also, She has a pet dog.
In this movie, how the people of the place will survive their life will be shown.

Best Horror Movies On Netflix India

2.The Bridge Curse

Directed By – Lester Shih
Produced By – Keng- Ming Chang, Yu-Ming Chu, Chi Hsiang Chuang, Po Hsiang Hao, Dollar Li, Jayde Lin
Cast – JC Lin, Vera Yen, Summer Meng, Chang Ning, Ruby Zhan, Hsieh Yi-hung, Cheng Ko
Release Date – 27 August 2020 (India)
Language – Chinese
Country – Taiwan
Ratings – 5.3/10 IMDb

The story begins with a few friends, who try to capture some paranormal activity on camera, but that paranormal activity falls on them. And what happens to them is worth watching in this movie. This one of the Best Horror Movies On Netflix India.

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Best Horror Movies On Netflix India


Directed By – Paco Plaza
Produce By – Enrique Lopez Lavigne
Cast – Sandra Escacena, Bruna Gonzalez, Claudia Placer
Release Date – 25 August 2017
Country – Spain
Language – Spanish
Ratings -6.2/10 IMDb

The movie’s main character was a 15 years old girl named Veronica. She used to live in Madrid with her mother and siblings in the year 1991.

His father was dead before a time. Her mother used to work day and night in a club to run her house. Veronica had to take care of her siblings due to these circumstances.

she is planning something with her friend Rosa. Then, Veronica goes into the school basement with her friends Rosa and Diana. Where they were going to conduct a seance.
They wanted to contact the spirit of anyone through the spirit board. Diana yearned to call her friend’s spirit who was dead before a month in an accident.

And Veronica wanted to call her father’s spirit. First of all, they place Veronica’s father’s photo in front of the spirit board. And they attempt to contact his spirit. Three girls place the hand on a glass cup and also get an immediate response.

This how the story will Going and it will interesting how it going after this.This Best Horror movie On Netflix India.

Best Horror Movies On Netflix India

4.The Ritual

Directed By – David Bruckner
Produced By – Jonathan Cavendish, Richard Holmes
Based On – The Ritual By Adam Nevil
Cast – Rate Spall, Arsher Ali, Robert James-Collier, Sam Troughton
Release Date – 13 October 2017
Country – United Kingdom
Language – English
Ratings – 6.3/10 IMDb

Movies begin with four friends who decide to go to a mysterious forest For hiking. But as soon as they go there, they are confronted with spiritual activity. But how are all those friends able to serve from there or not. This movie is made on this basis.

Basically, a group of college friends meets after a long time. The friends are Phil, Dom, Hutch, Luke, and Rob. Then two of a friend going to buy alcohol and some thieves come there and the thieves kill rob for not giving them his ring.

So that’s, why the rest of the friend decided to go on hiking in Sweden for Rob’s Memory.

Best Horror Movies On Netflix India

5. The 3rd Eye

Directed By – Rocky Soraya
Produced By – Rocky Soraya, Raam Soraya
Written By – Riheam Junianti, Rocky Soraya
Cast – Jessica Mila, Denny Simonton, Citra Prima
Release Date – November 30, 2017
Country – Indonesia
Language – Indonesia
Ratings – 5.1/10 IMDb

The Movie begins with Two sisters, Who had lost their parents in a car accident. After that, they move into their old house. After moving to the old house they facing some very strange things in their house like an unseen presence.

One of the sisters see the first unseen presence and the supernatural power grabbed her. So decided to consult with a doctor but it didn’t work at all.

So this how the story starts and you will see too many scary things later. It will interesting to watch how they will survive. This is also one of the Best Horror Movies On Netflix India

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