October 2, 2022

A new appearance of Naomi has been announced

While it’s been more than a month now since we last saw Naomi and Sasha Banks on our TV screens, as they are now suspended from WWE after abandoning an episode of Raw by rebelling against booking choices, the two go on with their life.

Sasha Banks is not showing up too much on social media for now, but through some third-party posts, we learned that she successfully operated on her eyes a few days ago, while Naomi seems calm at home with her family. However, wonderful news has recently come out that sees the wrestler from Orlando as the protagonist, who in fact she will take part in a show that is not connected with the McMahon-owned company.

What’s next for Naomi?

The Twitter account @NaomiWWENews tweeted that the Superstar will appear in an upcoming E! Series, news that was confirmed by Naomi herself who re-shared that tweet. “Naomi will be featured in an episode of Celebrity Game Face ‘next season hosted by Kevin Hart,” the tweet reads.

According to the description provided by IMDb, “Celebrity Game Face” sees “Hart and his wife challenge other celebrity couples to games they can play in their homes.” The show began airing in July 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been running for two seasons to date.

While the show generally involves couples, Naomi’s husband, aka another WWE Superstar Jimmy Uso, hasn’t been announced as his sidekick on the show, who also doesn’t even give us an airing date yet. We remind you that Naomi’s situation at the moment is very delicate, with the company that does not seem willing to fire her, given that her contract will expire shortly and then we will see how things will turn out and if you want to know more you will not just stay connected on our site and our social networks.

If the former SmackDown Women’s Champion returns to action, this pipebomb moment could be replicated. Naomi has been with the company for over a decade and has had her ups and downs. With the recent incident, there’s a lot that could be said.

The SmackDown star is a quality talker when it comes to promos. Her anti-authority statements could get the fans even more behind her. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion could find a new partner if Sasha Banks doesn’t return.

SmackDown has quality babyfaces such as Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah. She could also team up with someone like Shotzi. The green-haired superstar could adapt to however Naomi is booked.

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