Stray Dog With The Biggest Tumor Ever, Tormented By Pain, Upset And Losing Faith In Life, But No Help

This Magnolia and her Giant Tumor.

this sweet dog was found on Mahogany road few days ago. She has giant tumor protruding from her side ( the largest that we have ever seen).

Magnlia’s quality of life right now is zero, she can’t even walk.

So in a little while, Her founder took her to the The GoGo shelter. Their were good Vets , the medical team attempted to remove the tumor. The surgery was very long because the tumor was very masive.

There was a significant risk of blood loss, and other complications.

the surgery took more than two hours, but there was good news so far… the tumor has been removed. It weighs 4.9 pounds. The surgery was a success, she is eating and doing well. She also start  walking. It was the first time she has been able to walk comfortaably since a long time.