October 2, 2022

Hangman Page about injuries in AEW and wrestling then and now

AEW is in big trouble, as a large number of wrestlers are currently injured. AEW is looking for the best options and a solution for this. AEW World Champion Hangman Page revealed in an interview with Wrestling Inc. that he doesn’t care, given that injuries on the wrestling scene are becoming more frequent, especially with age.

“I’ve now been around and known people who’ve had to quit, or retire, or who had just grueling injuries, or things they’ll carry with them forever,” he said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc. “It’s fun to watch, but in some ways, it’s becoming less fun to watch too.

I guess I am just kind of realizing the gravity of that kind of stuff”.

Hangman Page on the wrestling scene before vs now

Hangman Page draws a parallel between the wrestling scene then and now. There have been many differences and many changes in the last thirty years.


Wrestling has been raised to a higher level, much more detail is being looked at, although some have more respect for the old school scene. Of course, respect for both, but Hangman stressed that wrestlers today are generally of different behavior and lifestyle.

“But you’ve got to take into consideration, it’s not the ’70s or ’80s, we are not all gassed up and tearing our bodies apart in that way. We are not all dealing with substance abuse stuff, so we are generally, across the board, healthier,” he said.

The AEW wrestlers have a lot more time to rest, and that’s a huge advantage for them. Page emphasized how AEW differs from WWE. “My body has way more time to heal right now than it ever has before,” Hangman Page said.

“So you take all that into consideration and like, when you wrestle once every two, or three, or four, or eight weeks, or whatever the hell it is, you kind of want to go all out. I’ll never knock anybody for that”.

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