October 2, 2022

Raw: Rey Mysterio is close to parting ways with his son

One of the most important teams that have come to form on the WWE rings in recent years, is certainly the one made up of father and son, Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio, with the legendary athlete from San Diego who, returning to tread the rings of the WWE, had managed to also hire the son who had not yet taken his first real steps on a discipline ring and was able in the end to do so with the number one company in the world: the WWE.

Dominik’s debut into the rings had been with Brock Lesnar when he was not yet a WWE Superstar, while instead, his first official match was the one against Seth Rollins, against whom Dominik and his father Rey then had a long feud, which also involved the rest of the Mysterio family, including Dominik’s mother and sister Aalyah.

Apparently, the family history could, however, be interrupted in the future, because the WWE management could have very different ideas for Rey and Dominik, with the two who should have separated a few weeks ago, also starting a feud between them, as WWE lore wants after a split.


Rey Mysterio made WWE history

During the episode of the red show aired tonight, Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio were approached by Damian Priest and Finn Balor’s Judgment Day, with the two heels who tried to convince the young athlete to enter their stable, joining forces with the two who knocked out Edge just a few weeks ago.

After this invitation, which arrived not exactly in the best way, Rey attempted to attack the two, with Dominik stopping his heavy father, but throwing a look at the stable heel that leaves a lot to the imagination, with Dominik who could soon arrive.

finally to that split from his father, who should launch his singles career, as WWE has been planning for months now. In the next episode of the red show, which will air from San Diego, the city where Rey and Dominik reside, the two will go against the couple formed by Balor and Priest, with several insiders and several fans who are already thinking about the fact that Dominik can make his split right in their city, with a sensational turn heel that would leave everyone with their eyes and mouth open.

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