October 2, 2022

New details on Logan Paul’s future

One of the protagonists of the latest edition of Wrestlemania, which aired only a few months ago, who has little or nothing to do with wrestling, but who nevertheless left his mark on the minds of WWE Universe fans who came to follow the Dallas event live, or even from home, it was undoubtedly Logan Paul, a YouTuber and actor, who became famous for the jokes and videos that the boy posted online several years ago.

After making a career on the small screen, Logan also began to become famous in the world of boxing and in that of pro-wrestling, approaching the WWE already last year, when he was called to be a special guest at the Grandaddy of Them All, in the match between the two Canadians, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, eventually getting a resounding Stunner from Owens.

This year, however, the WWE has seen fit to get him directly into the ring, making him fight alongside The Miz, against the couple formed by father and son, Rey & Dominik Mysterio, with the two heels who have also won their match, only to see the Awesome One betraying Logan Paul himself, with fans of the WWE Universe who were quite baffled by all this.


Apparently, the boy who became famous thanks to Youtube, would have returned to train at the WWE Performance Center recently, with Logan Paul himself who wanted to post two personal photos on his Twitter profile, in which Shane Helms can also be seen in a corner, the former WWE Hurricane.

The two, together with another trainer from NXT and the Orlando Performance Center, were in fact taking part in a training session in the building wanted by WWE to train its athletes. In the last few hours, rumors have emerged that they want Logan Paul to go and ask for his revenge or rather his revenge against The Miz, after the sensational turn on Logan Paul at Wrestlemania, after their match in tag team.

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