9-month-vintage kefir weighs 26. Five kilos, and it’s miles famous for its good sized length

Averagely, a cat measures up to 18 inches in duration and 10 inches in height. Even though males are large than females, common home cats weigh among nine and eleven kilos. At that cute size, cats are easy for hugs and cuddles. However in case you love to hug a bigger fluffy tom cat, permit’s meet marine coon cat kefir, who has lately become well-known for its widespread length. Kefir’s owner, yuliya, tells that her cat is 9 months antique however weighs around 26.

Five kilos. But, she believes the cat to grow a bit extra because kefir isn’t fully grown up. If you still don’t parent out how huge the cat is, the pictures below might help you. With its significant length and exquisite fur, it’s no longer hard to peer why kefir is gaining love over the internet. Yuliya also shared that she fell in love and decided to adopt the feline from a cattery because of its stunning white coat.

But it became no longer till she lived with it that the proprietor realized kefir had many other suitable personalities. This is a mild cat who loves ingesting herbal feeding. It’s miles like a small kitten in a frame of a massive beast. Kefir is wise and touchy.

It could sense the general mood inside the residence and study not to harm the fixtures. Consistent with the proprietor, she and her husband recollect kefir as a member in their own family. The simplest cons of kefir’s preservation, however, is that the cat leaves a lot wool around the residence, this means that that yuliya wishes to tidy it frequently.

If you marvel how different people react when they see the large cat, yuliya says their reactions are hilarious.

“it’s funny how others react after they see the cat because it’s far huge. Many humans assume that it’s a canine at first.”