Stray dog who turned into begging people to buy donuts for his surgical procedure price is now in heaven

The outcome of this viral case delivered millions to tears. The story of rex, a stray animal who traded donuts for surgery treatment, went viral after his dying. A automobile hit rex. Silvia v. From la verdad noticias rescued her. Silvia began promoting empanadas and donuts with rex’s help to buy drugs.

Humans began going to the polígono 108 park to cheer for rex and purchase donuts to help him. Unluckily, rex’s health and nicely-being deteriorated and he had to be urgently hospitalized because his vomiting wouldn’t stop. Fortuitously, a kind woman helped take him to an orthopedic health care professional after silvia v.

Shared her tale on social media. She changed into then taken to an animal medical institution where she remained dehydrated whilst being handled with medicine. Rex’s trouble became so complicated that it changed into hard to function on him.

So silvia began asking human beings to donate to rex, who become spending a number of money on remedy and meals. Alas, the canine died due to the fact he may want to not cope. Silvia announced on social media that the money raised might be used for rex’s cremation and the rest can be used to help other puppies in need. Rest in peace rex! Share this article with your own family and friends!