Rescued little pup caught inside the rain absolutely wet then feeding bad puppy very good meals

Rescued little puppy caught inside the rain fully wet this little canine become staying alone within the rain with out food or domestic , people told us approximately it we went to the area.

to find him ,we discovered this little pup in awful situations , residing in bloodless with out meals or anything , it seems as he didn’t devour since many days . We took him to the vet to check him out on account that he became tired and couldn’t walk too a ways.

Luckily, no extreme issues were located but the negative point is that he misplaced weight and his body is week , we have to take care of him . The vet provide him a few vetamine and treatement and now it’s our turn to help this little puppy after many days , he’s better , his fitness is in better conditions . He’s a lovable puppy looking for lovable home .