She Was Sad, Curled Up in A Towel After Being Starved For Days

Meet Ru! Just a few hours ago she was found by someone near their home. She is so emaciated she cannot stand. She was wrapped in a blanket covered in urine clinging to life. She cannot eat or drink, all she can do is curl up in a ball and shiver. We have no idea if she’ll make it, but we will give her the best fighting shot there is.


What a difference love makes! Ru looks so much better and it’s all because of the love and care from her foster mum and the very best vet team, and now she has been adopted and is with a loving family and siblings, so happy she is no longer with the original sick bastard owner who left her in that state, god bless Ru and your loving family, may you continue to thrive

People like you cause admiration, great gratitude for your kind hearts and souls, full of love and sympathy for the little martyrs. Every cat or dog or any other animal you save is your merciful contribution to the salvation of all nature. Happiness to you, health and desire to take care of the unfortunate abandoned, sick and hungry angels on earth

Thanks you fostersmom,you brought her life back.Your love,time,resources and dedication saved her.Thanks all of you for this marvelous job,saving and helping so many helpless,abandoned and mistreated dogs.God bless you.
Words can’t describe how good I feel knowing this dog gets to enjoy the rest of his life. Thanks to all that made this happen.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to Ru’s recovery. Her initial condition was shocking and heartbreaking to look at. Her progress is amazing. It’s thanks to the dedication and commitment of the medical team, support team, foster family and forever family. You saved a beautiful life!