When Her Belly Got Bigger, Her Owner Just Dumped Her Like Garbage Without Any Responsibility!


She looked happy & her eyes were bright when she was no longer pain. What a blessing for & her new life. Thank you for her TLC & saving her life. thank you & congrats to her loving forever family.
She belonged to no one . No owner . no love at all ..love could never leave her in that condition.. At least someone stepped in to help her that all that matters
Thank You for rescuing and helping this abused, neglected dog, heart breaking to see her in pain and even more so to see her body language showing such deep sadness.So beautiful to see her cheering up via your kindness and love, thank you again so much!!! Wow what a bonus to see her happier and healing, a huge thank you to the adopter for taking on a dog with health issues and being so supportive I bet being in a home really promotes her recovery, what a blessing!
Thank you so much for saving this beautiful baby. You are all so special. May God bless you all and the people who gave her a wonderful home.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nasty piece of work that owner was. Thinking she was pregnant so dumping her. I am glad the right people got hold of her and saved her. She is a lovely dog and I was worried part way through about her state of mental being, but love the outcome at the end. Everyone loves her and you can see the smile on her face. She wears dogs clothes and knows she is being watched over so I think that made all the difference. Karma will come to the previous owner.