Rescue Stray Dog with Massive Head wound. | Fully Recovered.

RRSAINDIA, Anand Based Animal Welfare Organization working for the betterment and welfare of stray animals, having our own Veterinary Hospital, Animal Shelter, Ambulances, and Qualified Veterinary Doctors.


There is no price on what you people do…but please people, donate any amount even 5 dollars,every body can afford it but together is gonna be the only way that these great people can save alot more babies like this. It’s a great feeling, please try that, you’ll be very happy. God bless all the good people…
Thank the people that saved this beautiful dog. They should find the people and put them in a labor CAMP FOREVER. HORRENDOUS, WHY? ALL THEY HAD TO DO IS DROP HIM OFF AT A SHELTER. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, DOG LIVED.😇
Dont blur it show what the evil fucks do to these poor innocent sentient beings life is sacred life is precieus that means every life a animal is worth no less than a humans i think right now with 100s of million’s of animals tortured killed yearly in th most brutal ways that a dog a cat and every animal is worth more than a human’s all day every day for 1000s of years animals suffer at the cruelty of the evil fucks but the evil fucks who do this dont deserve life they need to be hunted down and get their face bashed in thats how it is supposed to be too many suffering too many sorrow and too many evil all around time to change the fucking tide join the resistance and kill these evil fucks!
God bless the rescuer’s and help them continue there work on the angel animals
I wish to the God atleast make every living being on this planet happy and let them feel a peaceful and prosperous life with out so much suffering and pain🥺🙏