Rescue Mother Dog with Ton of Fluid in her Abdomen | Bloat in dog

We got a call about a Mother dog with a huge amount of water in her abdomen. People around there called us for this dog. At first, they thought the mother dog was pregnant but sometimes the dog cried in pain.


You guys a great people as you love animals like animal aid of india and will forever be loved like animal aid of india

Why dont you bring her into your clinic for the treatment and to find out what illness is the reason for this fliud in her belly?! Have you left her alone in the streets again after removing the fluid?! She is sick, she needed to rest in your clinic and to get good food, mabey antibiotics or other medication until she is really recovered!!! I love you guys, love your work – but from this video i’m dissapointed…😟😥😢 Sad!!!

It is a nice thing that the vet did, but why hold its ears so tight? That is not good.
This channel is got to go this year..these morons treat animals without pain meds food or water..we westerns need to stop like and subscribe!!..I’m going to report again send the videos to Peta to get YouTube to remove them!!.. dispicable humans!!
Please help these poor, needy animals & The ALMIGHTY will surely Help you all. Your help is very essential for them & is greatly appreciated.

I am happy to see this attitude of humanity love your work sir that is awosm we love you Humanity still exists God will reward you all for that kinda actions