Puppy rescued covered in tar, watch her happy ending!

A 3 month old street puppy in India had the terrible misfortune of getting stuck in a thick layer of tar near a road that was being repaired. She was trapped and unable to stand or move her legs when a young boy found her, got her out of the tar and then called Animal Aid to the rescue.


Yrrr i just realllly love u guys u are an angel a true soul a pure soul love u guys aap sab ko animals bhut pyaar kerta ha laakho animals ki duaa ap sabh ka sath h guyss
Well done…👌 best of luck👍… That’s not in everyone’s destiny to give love and care.. you are lucky to get chance to serve these helpless innocents….
AIU is the only animal rescue channel that has a dogs stuck in tar playlist, lol, I just counted and there’s like 5 of them, can anyone shed any light on as to why it’s a problem in that area? I mean it all looks like building material tar and not like naturally occurring, if it occurred naturally in the area I could understand, but…
Please donate to Animal Aid Unlimited. I gave $500 just days ago. The money I donated pays for food, treatment, medicines and so on. Every bit in the pool counts.
Why is there so much tar in India that animals get into? Where is the tar coming from? Why aren’t the employees and companies being investigated? Held accountable with a massive amount of fines ? India is not a dumping ground. The company’s and organization’s should pay fines four times more the actual cost of disposing the waste the right way..
Oh my God!! That poor little baby!! The poor little feller was probably scared to death when he/she was all alone stuck in the tar. I choose to believe that the little fella accidentally fell into some tar, not that someone did this. There’s so much evil & hate in the world today that I block out anything I can that doesn’t matter. These people are walking & talking miracles!!