Newborn orphaned kittens trapped in exhaust duct rescued.

Owners of a restaurant told us that they heard kittens in an exhaust pipe who had been crying since the last 2 days. Their mom hadn’t come back for them. 2 kittens were hypothermic and in critical condition.


i would have definitely donated if i had the access. please no matter how small, every penny helps save these poor animal lives. so please donate if you have the access

cute baby kitten very beautiful and very nice and very happy 🐈

You don’t must donate for cats. your selve eat cats. If can’t eat given others. you want to profit to cats.
They were like newborn kittens. I was worried that they were too little to be saved. What a good job you had done! 👍👍👍🥳🥰 Thank you all! Buddhas bless you all!🙏🙏🙏❤
Hey everyone, i am planning to get a kitten but im unsure about what litter to use, commercial litter is quite expensive and needs to be replenished often so the cost just adds up so im willing to use something thats free and sustainable, if you own an indoor cat or kitten please do tell me what you use as its litter.
Very cute adorable 5 kittens. Thank you so much for rescueing them. They all are very playful. GOD bless you to the whole team.
Not gonna lie. I cry at every one of Animal Aid Unlimited, India videos. For the care, love and dedication of these people. For the fact that I lived in Rajasthan for a long time and saw how much the people there loved animals. And the great success stories. One town I lived in there captured every single stray dog, treated and spayed each one and now, not only have fewer stray dogs but the ones they have are happy, healthy and part of the town. A great example to people around the world. I salute you all.