Amazing transformation of starving street dog too sick to eat.

This young street dog in India became too ill to eat. Weakened by starvation he then contracted mange. He urgently needed IV fluid, nutritious food, and medical care to save his life. The IV got him started and love, as always, transformed him.


For the first time in my life I have honestly never been moved as much by anything from watching these videos. I’m so moved I honesty truly want to help. I’m a student studying business in the UK money is tight but when I have spare money I will donate as much as I can. I love animals I have 3 cats and a dog back home I miss them so much! I wish I had taken a gap year and contacted you guys over in India. I wanna help these beautiful Animals so much! What I’d do to come over to Asia and help you guys out. These beautiful creates deserve so much love. You guys give them a chance to live a wonderful happy life! Thank you so much for your amazing work! Truly you have moved me thank you
bless all Indian animal lovers for saving this loving dog all bones for a safe loving shelter or home full of food. I absolutely love the Indian animal caregivers who gently hug,pet,kiss their rescued animals.

A lots of kisses, from Perry! He’s saying, thank you all, to our Heroes & Angel’s! Amazing Kind People!

Helo sir I want to donate some money for helping this animals where should I can give money. And thank u soo much for helping animals. 🙏🙏❤❤
I absolutely love this organization!!. Thank you for saving this sweetheart and all the other fur babies as well!!. You all are the real HERO’S and Angel’s of this world!. Thank you.