They chase her away because her ugly mange She hide under in a car tyre in cold and frozen

They say she’s found her peace in a car tyre! That’s where she sleeps and hides from the cold! The reactions of the locals are divided! Some bring her a bit of food so she could survive, while many chase her away from the door to their home! They chase her away because she’s, as they say, “mangy” and ill…. Some of her wounds (demodex) are already bleeding! The chances of her survival in the upcoming cold days on the street in this condition are non-existant!

And she only wants her peace and the amount of food that she needs to survive! As if her body is saying… – I’m so cold! .She’s looking for her place in this world… A place where she won’t be cold, where she won’t be hungry ever again She’s on her way with me in a warm car and I’ve said to myself… – She will never be unwanted again! For her and all my rescued Doggies who’ve been taken from the street until they can find a home!


How wonderful it is to see such a rescue bringing this angel back to health with love and quality of life. May God bless this man who rescued him and all the people involved in his treatment. Eternal gratitude! ❤️
All animals are Beautiful and loving. all animals are god’s beautiful creature, no-one is ugly only humans mind ugly, thank you for saving this beautiful angel. god bless you 😊

Nieve is an absolute sweetheart and there are many videos like this where people drive a poor ill animal away rather than give them or seek help when it’s so desperately needed. She was so sad and ill when you rescued her and it’s always amazing how the first thing most of these abused and neglected animals do is sleep because they feel safe and are out of the elements. It was a long journey for her but she made it and is a beautiful dog with a wonderful temperament. I got the impression that she felt she was being returned to where you found her, poor wee soul. Fantastic to see her snuggle in as if to say don’t leave me here. I wish her well in her new life, she deserves it. Love and blessings to Nieve and everyone involved in her rescue, treatment and rehab.