Unlucky Sick Dog Has Became a Bizarre Owner’s Toy

We have just received a report of a distressed dog locked in a kennel. There he was completely abandoned. Vera’s owner is a peculiar man. Vera was imprisoned and had no food or water. Vera shaggy, malnourished. He was just skin and bones.


Poor homeless dogs and cats. Heart breaks to watch. Cold and hunger. We have a city full of them. Some try to feed them. But mostly people are indifferent and indifferent, sheer cruelty. HUGE human thanks to animal defenders
What a terrible thing ,cruel and heartless such a cute dog , still wagging his tail !! All he wanted was some affection! Safety and a forever home ! What a difference ! Brave soul of a dog ! Bless him always !
This is so unforgivable seeing this poor helpless lil dogy is heartwrenching. Karma never let off evil humans unpunished..no mercy no peace to whoever made this lil dogy s life ultimately miserable. thankful for all yur dedication to save abused maltreated abandoned animals.. May this lil dogy have the best support loving care he very much deserve for all of his time ..may more rewards come to rescuers VETS n may many share this video for more help for this DOGYS welfare medical needs please..FR ASIA JPN

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How do I feel when I see this poor baby? I feel disgusted with the thought that there are people in this world who are capable of doing such things like this to another living thing,I personally would love to rip the persons heart out,that’s if he even has one.
You say that Vera’s owner was a bit peculiar, I’ll say!! Why do these people have animals when they have no intention in looking after them, I can only imagine that Vera’s owner wasn’t quite well in himself. God bless you for rescuing this loving beast, he looked so sad and forlorn when you took him to the vet. It’s going to take time but you can already see the transformation in him and the hope in his eyes. God bless everyone involved in his rescue, treatment and care and I wish him a long and happy life in a forever home that he deserves. Love and blessings to Vera and everyone who came to his assistance.