Abandoned Skeletal Dog Tried To Find Food, But Got Poisoned And Laying Down!

Last week, a girl sent this video via our Xerimbabos page, she said she found this dog near her grandfather’s house. The dog is very weak, even couldn’t run/ walk properly, but the way it behaves with the girl showing that it’s not stray dog, maybe another case of neglect or abandoned…When we arrived, what we saw even more shocking! The skeletal dog was poisoned and laying on the ground…


Tough laws and harsh punishments are necessary for the demons who commit these crimes. God forgive me, but I would do the same to them. BLESSINGS to the rescuers and caretakers of these legged angels. THANK YOU, ESPERAN¢A, for being so brave and for not giving up!!! The Universe will give you all the good you deserve!! ❤🐕

How much lack of feelings towards a being that depends totally on humans but some believe that they live on air and abuse, but thanks to people who are moved by such situations these poor dogs are saved although many have no one to help them, God bless to this person who rescued him

May the full weight of Divine justice fall on these Malborn, Miserable abusers of innocent creatures, they are only looking for a little food and instead run into damnable Unfortunate Demons. Thank you very much for saving the puppy’s life, infinitely grateful to you who saved him from dying, God Bless you always, thank you very much.

My God, what evil they did to this animal, 😔 why do this poison such a helpless animal. The human being is the worst misfortune in the world. That’s why the world is being punished, for so many evils committed. COVID was still little for the human being. The human being needs a greater punishment, to be able to reflect on the harm it causes to others, especially animals. Who are our best friends.