He’s Lost a Life of Hard Work on The Street – The Emotional Rescue Behind

We received a call to rescue an abandoned dog and live on the streets. 30 minutes later, we arrived and witnessed a heartbreaking scene. A homeless dog is malnourished, very dirty, bushy hair. The child walked helplessly, walking slowly. Perhaps his whole life he lived with such a life. And now we are in the process of saving this angel… I promise to take care of him and give him the best life. He’s just a puppy, very friendly. He never complained when we cut our hair. The baby is starting to feel more comfortable. An hour later, the dirty hair was completely removed. He was bathed. For the first time in his life he was cared for and loved. He runs and jumps happily with his new form. Great. Thank God for saving this angel.


God bless to these Kind people For SAVING his LIFE out of this terrible situation with a critical condition. And For Giving him the Immediate treatment that he needs in order to survive. Thank you because there were Kind People like them Who RESCUED him and SAVED his LIFE. In spite of being neglected by others many times. He now found his TRUE Family that gives him the Life that he deserved. Hopefully he was successfully recovered and Survived with all your Helped that you’ve given to him. And he found his TRUE Family that gives him CARE, LOVE And MEDICAL ATTENTION that he needs in order to survive. God bless you. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

This poor doggy πŸ’” 😭 . He couldn’t see with all this dirty and long hair, with this legs in the same condition, with this nails, being shaved so gently and kind, and the doggy so quiet, 😍 feeling their are helping him, maybe for the first time in his lonely and full of troubles life. It’s seems that one of his eyes is with problems or blind. But the guy with the hat knows how to deal with dogs, shaving, cutting, bathing and driving him with security and being gentle at the same time πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘, well done !!! The poor doggy must feel nude and cold without all this shitty hair, may be use a very small T shirt to cover him can be a good idea…

What a angel. He knows he’s getting help. Omg look at the difference before and after. So sweet looking. Prayers for a forever home 🏑 A little care and love nurturing goes a long way. My heart was broken 😑
This might be the worst case I’ve seen yet of matting and he looks blind as well. What a terrifying life for these poor little guys trying to find food and water day after day. Makes me sad to think about the millions of animals suffering around the world.