They abandoned this little puppy suffered worst case of mange with both eyes can not open

They abandoned this little puppy suffered worst case of mange with both eyes can not open. I got a video report that a poor puppy was abandoned with the worst case of mange. He suffered many pains and would likely have died if nobody rescued him in time. And I rescued the little puppy in time, and took him to the Vet for treatment severe mange. The poor little puppy almost blind, both eyes can not open. How long he suffered this pain? We don’t know and no one know. His life just begin!


I begin to lose the Will to live when I see this abuse as this does not happen overnight. The pain that wee pup must have gone through suffering with this mange. The person that rescued him is giving him the treatment he needed to get better as no defenceless animal should be put to suffer. However within a few months his fur had returned and he was a happy playful pup. The angels of mercy rescued him and a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love and respect from the UK
Thanks a lot for help and save this beautiful and innocent Angel, its great to see the recovery and transformation of him, now this little puppy is safe and healthy and he have a happy life with kind family who love and care him.
I wondered what colour he would become when his fur grew back and surprise, he was white. Little cutie. I wonder if coconut oil rubbed into the skin would work to get rid of mange and heal the skin. Looks like they applied turmeric which would reduce inflammation and ease itching. I would try Epsom salts baths as well with apple cider vinegar.
Superb happy ending πŸ•β€πŸ˜to a poor sad little Merit with severe mange was tragic. Happily and carefully he was was given medical care and he became a stunning looking dog was full of life playing with his friends how wonderful took 3 months of loving care. Thank you teamπŸ˜β€πŸ•