Used to A Pet But Left On Street, This Little Dog Can’t Handle The Stray Life…

We got a request for this dog found at Maracacuera next to the Tramontina Show in front of Terraplena, Brazil. Marcia from Projeto Xerimbabos skipped her lunch to go to check the situation. The dog is still in same place…..His situation is quite bad: losing hair, malnourished, eyes was affected by parasite, opened wounded over his body…However, the way he ran over our car and even rushed to rescuer showing evidence that he wasn’t a stray dog, we also found a old bag nearby, maybe they abandoned him with the bag, but the dog couldn’t handle the stray life…


I’m so sorry to see these images…😒But on the other hand, as I watch the video, and see it already so full of love and care, I’m very happy little animal, what must have happened… I hope it doesn’t sequels remain.. Thank you for rescuing him and giving him the love and care he deserves! Greetings, blessings! πŸ™

What a beautiful little soul, that wagging tail and cute teeth sticking out! So glad you are looking after him and giving him the love and attention he so desperately needed. He’s looking better already, active little darling. Thanks for responding so quickly and getting him to the vet. Hope tiny Tino finds that special someone and home.
Thank you for giving hi a new start to understanding that all humans are not complete parasites, may good fortune follow you in this life
To all the rescuers , thank you for you lovely labor, rescue, caring and love for this amazing creatures, you have to know that with your actions you are making you way to heaven 😊 and the opposite way the abusers are making their own way to hell… given pain, fear, lonely, starvation to all this amazing creatures is a big sin. God protect and bless πŸ™ today and always rescuers and all this poor animals. πŸ™
This little guy looks so much llike my little rescue dog its crazy! My heart broke to see him run over to you guys for help at the start still trusting humuns although they are the reason he has suffered so much….bless him and bless you amazing people that sacrifice so much to help them. Seeing tino in his sweet jumper brought tears to my eyes , hope he gets adopted by the best human ever and soon too 🐢❀