Rescue poor puppy who was thrown into the ditch in critical condition. horror moment when we see

Hello friends. We are from the animal rescue team. We have been in the business for many years, specializing in rescuing homeless or abandoned animals. Surely you are also an animal lover when watching this video of us. We’ve all owned a beloved animal, and we all understand the pain of an abandoned animal, now our rescue area is overrun with poor animals. The bad thing about this is that we are currently unable to provide enough or food is in short supply, we hope everyone can do a small part to support the animals in need. thanks everyone!


Thank God for the ones that rescue these precious animals ,if it wasn’t for you they might be more that dies at the hand of the evil sick ones. Those are the ones that needs to be tied up and dumped in the river to see how they feel when they can’t breath or get loose. They need to have the ones that rescue these babies stand up and look at them begging for help.

πŸ“›πŸ“›πŸ“›πŸ“›The video is recorded backwards, first they record when they have the animal without harming it, and then they give it a substance to make it sick and record as if they rescued it and that is how the animal is seen being very bad. Then they order the images to make the video and it seems that the animal improves, but it is the other way around, they destroy them. They mistreat animals

WHOA! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG!!! I just watched several Animal Rescue and Pet Rescue videos in a row. They are made by the same people!? Every one of the puppies they rescued was about the same size, age and breed!? All, except one, was “disposed of” in the same way!?Some using the same yellow tape he has in his bag!? This is not by coincidence!!! This needs checked into!!!
But what kind of bastard can leave a puppy handcuffed by the feet and mouth so that the poor thing can’t even ask for help? Is it really a human person who inflicts such terrible damage on a poor defenseless animal? Shouldn’t they be handcuffed so they don’t commit these crimes? these people are left over in our society, they are the most miserable.